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Access Control

Sitewatch utilise the most advanced tried and tested technology to ensure maximum performance from all our site access systems.

Whether it is to reduce uninvited visitors, our access systems will help to protect your business whilst being able to help control and record the movement of both staff and visitors across single or multiple sites.

Access control operates at several levels from the stand alone systems to fully integrated and net worked solutions. Sitewatch has a wide range of access control systems available where each system is designed with difference user requirements in mind. From simply the control of people entering and leaving the premises, to smartcard systems that allow the integration of and access to PC’s, cashless vending equipment, car parking and recording time sheets/HR data.

The systems we install can be developed to meet your particular operating environment from ID Cards that are shown to a receptionist for verification, to proximity systems that allow handsfree access and biometric fingerprint technology.

All our access systems can be integrated with remote monitoring therefore allowing an entire facility to be managed by an external resource applying agreed procedures for access and responding to access issues 24/7.

Our access management systems include the following:

  • Biometric Technology
  • ID Cards
  • Proximity technology
  • On/Off-site system management and control

The benefits of off-site management systems include:

  • Consistent application of access criteria
  • A dedicated resource working to assists your staff and visitors
  • More efficient use of your own resources
  • The ability to generate reports that track staff movement and assist operation planning

 What we can offer you:

  • System Design and Risk Assessment
  • System Installation including mains power and civil works
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Routine Maintenance and 24 hour emergency call out


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