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Deployable Cameras

Sitewatch are working with Manchester City Council to provide a network of Deployable Cameras to areas that experience anti-social and other criminal behaviour.

These cameras are used to:

  • Detect, prevent and deter crime and disorder
  • Assist in the identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders
  • Provide the police and City Council with evidence to bring successful criminal and civil action in the courts
  • Reduce fear of crime and offer reassurance to the public
  • Make the area safer for those who live, work, visit and trade in it
  • Support police response and operations.

The deployable cameras offer significant benefits over traditional CCTV cameras in that they can be quickly and easily moved to the most appropriate location. Despite this flexibility, the cameras have a wireless link to a 24-hour control room, where trained operators monitor activity and respond accordingly.

The police are able to contact the control room to request that operators monitor the cameras for a particular person or vehicle, and then assist officers at the scene in trying to locate an individual. The cameras are also able to use ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology to monitor or alert to the presence of specific vehicles in a defined area.

The visible presence of CCTV in an area acts as a clear deterrent, particularly to anti-social behaviour and crimes such as vandalism, harassment, fly-tipping and robbery. In Manchester, fly-tipping was a considerable problem, causing an environmental and health & safety hazard as well as distressing local residents and businesses.

Deployable cameras have been highly effective in detecting and preventing this behaviour. Should the mere presence of CCTV fail to deter criminal behaviour, Sitewatch's cameras are capable of capturing high quality video evidence. Our operators work closely with the police to collate evidence, identify offenders and assemble sufficient detail to ensure successful prosecution.

  • Auto-focus, high resolution integrated camera
  • Vandal resistant pendant
  • Low light technology
  • Auto-tracking
  • 3G mobile technology

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