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Sitewatch Fire and Surveillance Ltd
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Fire Alarm

Sitewatch provides fire detection that harness cutting edge technology to ensure that fires are detected faster and the damage they cause is minimised.

Sitewatch is an ISO9001:2015 quality accredited provider of high performance solutions, we are BAFE SP203 scheme accredited and have a reputation for competitive, well engineered solutions with responsive post-handover support. We provide a wide range of fire detection systems for any type of business. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience means we can provide solutions to match our client’s requirements.

Sitewatch installed fire alarms can also be monitored by a remote monitoring service, which will ensure a quick and efficient response in the event of a fire.

Fire alarm solutions include:

  • Conventional systems
  • Analogue Addressable Systems
  • Aspirating Detection Systems
  • Voice Evacuation / Public Address systems
  • 24 hour monitored systems
  • Full system integration
  • On/Off-site system management and control
  • Remote monitoring and police calling
  • Alarm Verification

What we can offer you:

  • System Design and Risk Assessment including CAD Drawings
  • System Installation including mains power
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Routine Maintenance and 24 hour emergency call out

Alarm Receiving and Monitoring:  

Whatever your alarm type or function Sitewatch can provide a cost effective and efficient function that gives you complete peace of mind.

Our third party 24/7 secure ARC provides fast effective management of all your alarm signals. From intruder or fire alarms to interactive lone worker systems we provide full building management packages delivered by highly trained operators to give you a complete solution to your monitoring needs.

  • Extensive experience in alarm monitoring 
  • Leading edge technology in signalling equipment 
  • Secure wireless data network 
  • Fully trained monitoring staff 

We offer monitoring for a full range of systems including:

  • Digicoms 
  • Dualcoms 
  • Redcare 
  • IP Intruder Alarms 

Highly Secure Monitoring:

In premises where there may be a threat of the main telephone line being tampered with, or even cut, wireless monitoring can be the solution. Wireless intruder alarm monitoring is a highly secure method of alarm communications. It involves attaching a wireless alarm monitoring interface (WAMI) device to your control panel. This communicates via the Wireless radio data communications network to the monitoring centre.

 Our service delivers a full range of benefits 24/7:

  • Effective Monitoring 
  • Incident Management and Reduction 
  • Proactive Incident Prevention 


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