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Fire Confirmation

Sitewatch have recently been involved in a joint venture with Xtralis installing the first Adpro Smoke Trace System in the UK, at a major Co-operative site.

The system is integrated with the existing fire detection system, when the fire system activates the smoke trace analyses the images from strategically placed camera’s to confirm whether there is any presence of smoke.

In the event of smoke being confirmed the pictures are transmitted to a remote monitoring station where the operator will carry out the appropriate action as agreed with the client.

Product Description

Intelligent Remote Visual Smoke Verification is a new concept in the traditional fire detection market. Coupled with OSID by Xtralis, ADPRO Smoke Trace:

  • Drastically reduces unnecessary interventions of the Fire and Rescue Services at sites with an unacceptable amount of nuisance alarms.
  • Removes the need for physical on-site smoke confirmation, guaranteeing a quick and adequate Fire and Rescue Services intervention with no loss of verification time.
  • Provides end-user, response team and management with situational awareness for targeted response and action.

What we can offer you:

  • System Design and Risk Assessment including CAD Drawings
  • System Installation including mains power
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Routine Maintenance and 24 hour emergency call out

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